Plays For Schools

In November 2012, local theatre company The Necessary Stage launchedPlays for Schools, the fourth collection of plays by the award-winning local playwright. The plays featured in this anthology include contemporary adaptations such as HamletSuch Sweet Sorrow (based on Romeo and Juliet), What Big Bombs You Have (referencing Little Red Riding Hood) and Ah Boy & the Beanstalk (based on Jack and the Beanstalk). The collection also includes the hugely entertaining History, Whose Story? and Survivor Singapore, the latter being previously staged to full houses at the M1 Singapore Fringe Festival in 2007. This compilation also includes an introduction by Alvin Tan, Founder and Artistic Director of TNS, as well as Resident Playwright Haresh Sharma’s notes on the plays.
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Step by Step to Stand-Up Comedy

This book is an essential for the apiring comic or the working comedian interested in pdating his or her comedy routine, Step by Step to Stand-Up Comedy is the most comprehensive and useful book ever written on the art of the stand-up comedy. The author Greg Dean, examines the fndamentals of being funny and offers advice on a range of topics including:
  • Writing creative jokes materials
  • rehearsing and performing routines
  • Coping with stage fright
  • Dealing with emcees who think they're funnier than you are
  • Getting experience
  • And lots more
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Speaking, Listening, and Drama

Written specifically for trainee and practicing teachers in secondary English and Drama, this book presents a critical analysis of the requirement to teach speaking and listening and theories concerning the nature and the value of oral communication, as outlined in the National Curriculum and Key Stage 3 Literacy Strategy. It provides practical guidance on:
  • improving speaking and listening skills through practical drama
  • assessing pupils' abilities and understanding
  • recognizing the features of live oral communication
  • how to illustrate modes of speech by referring to dramatic literature
By building a bridge between the English classroom and the drama studio, the authors succeed in making this crucial element of the curriculum coherent and exciting.
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Building A Creative School, A Dynamic Approach To School Development

Creativity is a buzz-word in education right now, but it is still seen mainly as the domain of the creative arts. This book shows how creativity can be an approach to and ethos for every aspect of school life and management and all subject areas. Developing a school which enables the students to realise their creative potential is an immense challenge. There is no single formula for transforming a school into an environment which nurtures and develops the creativity of them all, but this book explores some of the practical steps schools can take. Rooted in theory as well as practice, it examines organisation, leadership, approaches to teaching and learning, curriculum design, assessment for learning, professional development and the importance and effectiveness of genuine partnerships. The case studies of  successful practice are inspiring. The authors also share some of the pitfalls, challenges, and barriers to creativity they  have encountered and offer practical guidance.  
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