Why Creativity is Important

Why is Creativity Important?

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1. Challenging the Status Quo

In recent times, the originality of ideas appears to be dwindling, not merely because it is often difficult to set new precedents, but also because of the fear that bold, new ideas may be shunned by wider society. Completely fresh ideas often seem outrageous because they challenge conventional beliefs, but over time, new ways of thinking can potentially be looked upon as innovative and even revolutionary. The safest space in which to explore such wild ideas is often the performing arts, in particular acting, an active medium that brings raw imagination to life while reflecting and reflecting on current affairs in a provocative light.

2. Problem Solving

It is commonly understood that creativity is part and parcel of problem solving, whether it’s to do with conflict resolution or overcoming business challenges. Creativity, often referred to as “thinking outside the box”, is characterised by the ability to think in a manner that sets one apart from others. In acting classes, you will be encouraged to find your inner voice and unique individuality, which gives rise to new, refreshing ways of thinking and hence, enhanced problem-solving skills.

3. Developing Confidence

As your unique sense of self is developed and harnessed for overcoming obstacles, confidence in yourself naturally begins to build. This trust in self is vital for it is imperative in life, just as in acting, that we move forward regardless of the choices we make, rather than look back in regret which hinders progress. Trusting yourself also allows you to take on a paradigm shift, wherein problems are perceived as challenges to be approached with a sense of curiosity and excitement, as opposed to dreadful burdens to be avoided at all costs. By freeing your inner self and allowing the constraints of societal expectations to fall away, you do yourself a great service by honouring your authenticity and confronting setbacks head-on with newfound insight.

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