Plexus: Directors-Actors Roundtable (DART) – 19 Aug 2016

The Directors-Actors Roundtable (DART) at HCAC is an opportunity for actors and directors, aspiring & established, to connect and network on upcoming projects. DART gives a place to share the tools of the trade in an open & censorship-free environment, contributing to the strengthening of the artistic community in Singapore.

In the most recent DART session, we had the pleasure of having the Broadcast Media students from LASALLE College of the Arts along with students from HCAC, discuss issues current issues & concerns in the entertainment industry. Subjects such as the treatment of actors to etiquette during the casting process are summarised here on our new DART page on the HCAC website 

Directors and actors also had the opportunity to network with one another in a ‘Speed Pitching’ segment followed by a short video casting session for the LASALLE students. This gave the opportunity for directors to cast actors in their upcoming projects as well as open the doorway for actors to gain experience, build their reels & network.

If you don’t want to miss out on the next Directors-Actors Roundtable session, RSVP at the Facebook event page here.

See you there!