Plexus: Director Actors-RoundTable (DART) – 24 Aug 2017

The Directors-Actors Roundtable (DART) at HCAC is an opportunity for actors and directors, aspiring & established, to connect and network on upcoming projects. DART gives a place to share the tools of the trade in an open & censorship-free environment, contributing to the strengthening of the artistic community in Singapore.



For our latest DART session, HCAC had the pleasure of share the space with film students from LaSalle College of the Arts!

The focus of the discussion was mainly on the struggles & issues faced when producing student films. For directors and actors alike, both faced their fair share of difficulty or mistreatment with regards to payment, filming and most of all communication. But the end of the discussion brought forth solutions to the problem, which helped to unify the general disparity the production team and actors have with each other.


As always, we ended off the night with a speed-networking segment. We will definitely be seeing HCAC students and alumni collaborating LaSalle’s film students in the future.


As our young future Singaporean filmmakers break out into the industry, we hope that they bring along these Best Practices discussed into the scene. To find out what we discussed, take a look at our DART Summary Table.

We keep our DART Summary Table updated with every session. Check out the latest version (DART Summary Table 4) here!

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