Plexus: Director-Actors RoundTable (DART) – 24 Sep 2016

DSC00669 (2)


Last month in September, HCAC had its third edition of the Director-Actors Roundtable (DART) series. This session marked the first time that DART was open to the community outside of HCAC where people from all walks of life participated. There were film students, filmmakers, actors and even an economist, many of whom shed light on issues related to Singapore’s entertainment & artistic industry as well as input as to what was necessary to progress the industry forward.

In case you missed this DART session, check out the new and improved DART Summary Table here. As more DART sessions happen and the discussions begin to expand, more information will be compiled into the DART Summary Table! Be part of future DART sessions by keeping your eyes peeled on the HCAC Facebook page or by joining our mailing list.

*The summary table is compilation of discussions that happened on 19 August and 24 September this year.