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  • Introducing, the “Stars” of The Jugular Vein.

    • 14 August, 2019

    This is Melissa.Full-time housewife, part-time tutor. Contact her for “backstabbing classes”. Limited slots available. This is Grace.Whoever said “words can’t hurt me” obviously hasn’t heard Grace.  This is Ginger.It’s almost like she…
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  • The “Mind” of The Jugular Vein

    • 8 August, 2019

    First the “Heart”.Now the “Mind”. James Thoo, writer of the play “The Jugular Vein”.  Join us and see what goes on in the mind of the “Mind” as well as…
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  • The “Heart” of The Jugular Vein

    • 8 August, 2019

    Now, who is this “Heart” of The Jugular Vein? He is none other than Kamil Haque, the Founder of both HCAC and The Haque Collective.  Let’s see what he has to…
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  • HCAC Spotlight: Pooja Nansi

    • 11 December, 2017

    In HCAC, we believe in nurturing talent and honing actor’s skill so that they are better able to perform on film and stage. Not only that, but as part of…
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  • HCAC Spotlight: Amber Lin

    • 20 October, 2017

    Amber Lin is a freelance actor, drama educator, director and spoken work artist. She is also a self-proclaimed workaholic with a packed schedule, her “free” time is spent going for…
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  • SMS 2017 Thespian: Meet Nur Nadirah Friday!

    • 7 September, 2017

    Nur Nadirah Friday, 24, Speech & Drama Teacher At first, I joined SMS 2017 because of the prize money to fund a refugee projection. I did it on a whim,…
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