How Acting Makes You a Better Leader (Part 3)

  1.   Confidence

Being an actor means giving your all on the stage and not holding back. To do this, you cannot second-guess yourself as you may be perceived as weak-willed. In acting as in life, your talent lies in your ability to make choices. For many without performance experience, it can be very jarring indeed. But when you’re able to nail it while still being you, confidence naturally starts to build. Not unlike being a leader, you can be confident that who you really are is good enough. Until then, pretending is a great tool and what better way to pretend than act?

  1.   Decisiveness

Acting yields decisiveness; sometimes we have to make bold artistic choices in order to convey a message in the most compelling way. Sometimes there might be a technological fault during a play for example, and we would have to think on our feet how to make up for it. Improvising especially helps hone this skill, as we must remain committed to every decision that we make in a performance. The same can be said of a leader making major decisions.

  1.   Open-Mindedness

Being an actor naturally requires open-mindedness because we often play characters who are very different from our actual selves. We have to be able to understand why characters say or do certain things, make certain choices, or adopt certain lifestyles – and then advocate for and perform them ourselves. This is very applicable to the workplace when we might sometimes struggle to understand others’ motivations.

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