How Acting Makes You a Better Leader (Part 2)

  1.   Empathy

Empathy is key to acting, empathy is key to leadership, empathy is key to being human. Through acting, we learn about others’ lives and backgrounds which can seem so far removed from ours. Becoming intimate with their stories teaches us to empathise deeply even with situations we may not have personally been through, which can help us a lot in leadership, particularly if cultural and generational differences are involved.

  1.   Humility

Whenever we play a character really well or create just the right moment, praise tends to follow. The spotlight is often on the actor as he is seen by all. In classes however, we learn that in reality, many hands help to make a show. It is a humbling experience that is easily applicable to the workplace upon the realisation that many projects would not be possible without a team working tirelessly behind the scenes. Through humbly reflecting back on your own journey, you can also groom your employees in the workplace to learn from your mistakes and follow in your footsteps towards success.

  1.   Accountability

Actors are human. They make mistakes, be it a slip of a tongue, a premature action, etc. Sometimes it might even disrupt the flow of the performance which can be tough to bear, but actor training can help you adapt and improvise under pressure, especially when you are accountable to your partner.

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