The Adolescent – Workshop by David Glass (Oct 2018)

Five-day intensive workshop

Upcoming Class Schedule

10 October, 2018 — 14 October, 2018

Wednesday, 7.30pm — 10.00pm

Thursday, 7.30pm — 10.00pm

Friday, 7.30pm — 10.00pm

Saturday, 12.00pm — 6:00pm

Sunday, 1.00pm — 8:00pm

Programme Details

Dates & Timings

Wed 10 Oct 2018: 7.30pm – 10pm
Thu 11 Oct 2018: 7.30pm – 10pm
Fri 12 Oct 2018: 7.30pm – 10pm
Sat 13 Oct 2018: 12noon – 6pm
Sun 14 Oct 2018: 1pm – 8pm


Who is this workshop for?
The workshop is open to anybody interested in deepening their practice as an artist, and to anybody with a curiosity to interrogate the state of the world around them through their artistry.
Minimum age for participation is 15 years old.

Does this workshop require any pre-requisites?
No prerequisities.

What is this workshop about?

The Adolescent
Over the past thirty years David Glass has developed three extraordinarily powerful workshops that explore the three fundamental ages of human life. The Child, The Adolescent and The Elder.

The Adolescent is a in depth workshop that explores that magical place between Childhood and Adulthood. A time of extraordinary emotion, energy, imagination, hope and despair. A time of great vibrancy and loneliness, of falling violently in and out of love. It is a time when the tracks that we often follow for the rest of our lives, are laid down. The question at the heart of the adolescent is ‘How do I fit in or not?’

And it is a time that many artists have identified as being the moment they knew they had a calling, a voice and a need to reach the world through the strange beautiful world that are the arts. In this experiential workshop participants will re-enter and deeply immerse themselves in the beautiful struggle of ‘Adolescence.

As with all of David Glass’s workshops it begins in the body. Re-awakening the tenderness of physical presence and powerful drives of the sexual hope and the power that loud rock music can unleash.
The workshop will go onto to explore the Archetypal tribal behaviour of ’the dreamer’ ‘the adventurer’ ‘the nihilist’ ‘the romantic’ ‘the anarchist’ ‘the good son or daughter’ ‘the champion’ and ‘the loser’.

The participants will re-explore and express the strange emotions of ‘boredom’ and ‘anger’ that have led so many great artists to make their first break out work. From Frida Kahlo to JD Salinger, from James Dean to Patty Smith. Sarcasm, Irony, Satire, Put Down, ‘the grotesque’ and the’ tenderly beautiful’ will be explored as each participant, gently guided by David Glass will rediscover their ‘authentic crazy teen’. Over the years many artists who have taken the Creativity of the Child, Adolescent and Elder have said the workshop was a moment of deep personal discovery that unleashed ideas and projects for many years to come.

David Glass’s workshops are known for their boundary busting evocations, provocations, laughter, tears and openness and always within safe and supportive environments.


  • Jacques Lecoq-based play and movement exercises
  • Series of movement exercises
  • Thought-provoking forum discussions and behavioural analysis
  • Acting games and exercises

About the Instructor

David Glass

David has worked as a soloist performing in forty countries then establishing the David Glass Ensemble winning international awards including TMA award for best director.

In 1998, he established the Lost Child Project, where he used theatre as a tool to allow children on the streets around the world to tell their stories. In 2000, he established the Centre For Creative Development in Cambodia, training aid agencies in Creative Practice.

David now teaches around the world. He is a visiting Tutor at Bournemouth University of the Arts and LAMDA Drama School. He continues to write and has recently established the Centre for Creative Practice in London to help creative workers, development agencies and education organisations to become more successful.

David has nurtured many working actors. Past students of David’s include Emma Thompson, Stephen Daldry (Billy Eliot), Simon McBurney (Theatre de Complicite), Amit Lehav (Gecko Theatre), Jim Chim (Theatre Ensemble Hong Kong), Tina Ellen Lee (Opera Circus), Tom Morris (Director Warhorse) and Adam Sunderland (Sticks Theatre).

Areas of Focus

  • Think deeply about your role as a citizen-artist
  • Translating your personal voice into your artistry
  • Cultivate awareness in relating oneself to others
  • Acquire the ability to be sensitive to body language and other forms of communication

Learning Outcomes

  • An understanding of the inherently chaotic and paradoxical state of the world, and the artist's role in it
  • Discoveries on an individual's relationship to society
  • Understanding of one's authentic voice as an artist and how it relates to the world around them

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The Adolescent – Workshop by David Glass (Oct 2018) / Five-day intensive workshop

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