Scene Study (Oct 2018)

8-Week Evening Sessions

Upcoming Class Schedule

18 October, 2018 — 6 December, 2018

Thursday, 7.00pm — 10.00pm

Programme Details

The ability to prepare for a scene is integral to an actor’s craft. Yet, most actors are prone to robotic methods of preparation, which leads to a passive and sometimes lifeless performance.

Using a Strasberg-based approach, Scene Study aims to equip you with effective tools to analyse, rehearse and perform scenes. You will learn to memorize a script quickly and organically, and make bold but appropriate choices. In the process, you will work with a variety of actors to hone your collaborative skills. Each scene will be carefully selected and assigned to suit and challenge your conventional character types.

Our instructor, Kamil, will work with every student to hone every scene to its best. You will leave the workshop with a living, breathing scene and the skills to create future compelling performances.

Minimum Age of Admission
Participants must be 16 years or older to participate in the workshop.

To register, you are required to:

  1. Email a statement of intent of 200 words to
    (e.g. why you wish to take part in this workshop)
  2. Selected students will be notified within one week from submission.
  3. You are not required to make payment until you have been selected for the workshop.


  • Learning about casting types
  • Scenic elements
  • Identifying and using beats in a scene
  • Rehearsing and performing scenes

About the Instructor

Kamil Haque

Kamil Haque is the founder and Artistic Director of Haque Centre of Acting & Creativity. After 8 years working & coaching in LA Kamil returned to Singapore in 2013 to establish HCAC. He graduated top of his class from the American Musical & Dramatic Academy with a BA(Hons) in Acting. He is also the first and only Asian to be given the privilege to train and then coach at the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute. Kamil has also been a working observer at the world-renowned The Actor’s Studio, Head Acting Instructor at East West Players and Global Internship Director at the Company of Angels. To date, Kamil has coached over 1000 students, many of which have appeared on stage as well as in film, television shows & national commercials around the world. Please also see this link.

Areas of Focus

  • Acquiring the ability to improvise to understand a scene and build a strong inner life.
  • Identifying and strengthening an individual’s casting type
  • Incorporating scenic elements into performance
  • Experimenting and subverting casting stereotypes

Learning Outcomes

  • Learning to make the best physical, emotional, and vocal choices.
  • Identifying the “5W’s in a given scene.
  • Working on challenging material that requires them to go deeper into the work.
  • Using given exercises to move them beyond areas of habit and common actor ‘tricks’.
  • Learning to advocate and empathize with any characters.
  • Identifying the beats in a given scene.

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Scene Study (Oct 2018) / 8-Week Evening Sessions

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14 October 2018