Meyerhold’s Biomechanics Workshop

Three-Day Workshop

Upcoming Class Schedule

24 November, 2017 — 26 November, 2017

Friday, 7.30pm — 10.30pm

Saturday, 1.00pm — 9.00pm

Sunday, 10.00am — 9.00pm

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Friday 24 Nov, 7.30pm — 10.30pm
Saturday 25 Nov, 1.00pm — 9.00pm
Sunday 26 Nov, 10.00am — 9.00pm

Who is this workshop for?
This workshop is for all those who want to know more about Biomechanics and how to apply this psycho-physical actors training to their own work on stage. Open to anyone from all backgrounds.
Minimum age for admission is 18 and above.


What is this workshop about?

Meyerhold’s Biomechanics – a psycho-physical actors training: This workshop initially clarifies the particular background and the specific terminology of Meyerhold’s psycho-physical actors training and gives a practical as well as a theoretical understanding of how he communicated with his actors on stage.

The mostly practical work of the 3 days intensive workshop is accompanied by a one-hour video-lecture about the theatre historical context in which Meyerhold worked. His days as an acting student with Constantin Stanislavski, the split and the reunification with him play an important part in this lecture.

The connection between Meyerhold’s Biomechanics and Stanislawski’s Method of Physical Action will be made tangible in theory and practice during the entire workshop.

This workshop will also introduce to the basic principles of Meyerhold’s Biomechanics: For example the principle of totality: If you move the tip of your nose, the whole body will move. Moving the most insignificant part of your body involves the movement of the whole body.

Terminology in Biomechanics
To understand the complexity of our body movements, we have to analyse them and look at every segment:
E.g. Preparation – Execution – Fixation.

Otkas = preparation (also rejection)
Posyl = execution
Stoika = fixation


Additional terminology to be introduced
Tormos = break – the ability to control your movements during the Posyl/excution in order to achieve a precise Stoika/fixation
Rakurs = an expression borowed from film language will be explained during the workshop

To embody this new understanding we have to establish a certain routine, which we train again and again.
This is why we study the Biomechanical Etudes:

On the second & third day of the workshop
You will work on a scene from your repertoire and apply the new gained and embodied knowledge of Theatre Biomechanics to your own stage work.


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  • Terminology of Meyerhold's Biomechanics
  • Principle of totality
  • Biomechanics Etude
  • Meyerhold's Biomechanics & Stanislawski's Method of Physical Action
  • Meyerhold's psychophysical training

About the Instructor

Ralf Räuker

Ralf Räuker studied acting (1981-85), worked with Jerzy Grotowski in Italy 1985 and in France 1987. Ralf received a two years postgrad scholarship to research Meyerhold’s Biomechanics (1988-90) at the University of Arts Berlin. He worked from 1991-96 in close collaboration with Gennadi Bogdanov from Moscow on a long term research project, teaching and documenting Biomechanics at the Mime Center Berlin. In the 1970s, Bogdanov was trained by Nikolai Kustov who was an actor and instructor for Biomechanics at the Meyerhold Theatre in Moscow (from 1928 until the theatre was closed in 1938). In 1995, Ralf started his career as a theatre maker and director and has directed and devised more than 20 theatre and performance projects since then.

Areas of Focus

  • Meyerhold's Biomechanics and Stanislawski's Method of Physical Action
  • Understanding and embodying a precise stage terminology

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding of Meyerhold's Biomechanics principles & Meyerhold’s psychophysical training
  • Abillity to apply the basic principles and the terminology of Biomechanics to one's work on stage
  • Application of principle of totality as one self and with co-actors

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