Lee Strasberg’s Improvisation (Aug 2018)

8-Week Evening Sessions

Upcoming Class Schedule

6 August, 2018 — 24 September, 2018

Monday, 7:00pm — 11:00pm

Programme Details

Who is this workshop for?
Everyone. We welcome both actors and non-actors with an interest in the arts.
This workshop is open to anyone from all backgrounds.
Minimum age for admission is 16 and above.

No. But partner work is a must for this workshop.

About Lee Strasberg’s Improvisation

Have you questioned your ability to play to a specific character type? Do you find it hard to connect to the characters you are playing? Strasberg’s Improvisation enables you to advocate for any character or story. You’ll learn that the key to great character work is preparation. An effective preparation allows you to embrace anything – and any role – that comes your way.

Our instructor will work closely with you to hone your preparation process. By creating your own characters from scratch, you gain a profound understanding of their most intimate desires, thoughts and feelings. You will break bad acting habits, surpass your comfort zone and develop the ability to act and direct all at the same time.

Students of Lee Strasberg’s Improvisation are trained to act and direct at the same time. They will pick a topic of their choice and devise a 30 minutes improvised performance, learning to research and embody their characters in the process. At the end of the workshop, students graduate being stronger, more empathetic advocates for the roles they play.

Do I get a discount?
For repeat students with a valid HCAC Student Card,
you are welcome to join this workshop at 50% discount.
Email us at admin@hcac.sg for the discount code if you have not received one.

Payment Plans
Payment Plans are available. Email us at admin@hcac.sg.


  • Exploration of the five scenic elements in a scene
  • Pair discussions and individual preparation
  • Personalized feedback for every scene

About the Instructor

Kamil Haque

Kamil Haque is the founder and Artistic Director of Haque Centre of Acting & Creativity. After 8 years working & coaching in LA Kamil returned to Singapore in 2013 to establish HCAC. He graduated top of his class from the American Musical & Dramatic Academy with a BA(Hons) in Acting. He is also the first and only Asian to be given the privilege to train and then coach at the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute. Kamil has also been a working observer at the world-renowned The Actor’s Studio, Head Acting Instructor at East West Players and Global Internship Director at the Company of Angels. To date, Kamil has coached over 1000 students, many of which have appeared on stage as well as in film, television shows & national commercials around the world. Please also see this link.

Areas of Focus

  • Creating a 30-minute long improvised scene with a strong dramatic arc
  • Learning to work with a partner across many weeks to refine a scene
  • Developing a personal method of preparation for any given role
  • Using the props and set to strengthen the inner life of the character and serve the story

Learning Outcomes

  • Perform and direct a scene simultaneously while on stage
  • Advocate for any character
  • Develop a strong method of preparation for any scene
  • Sustained concentration and an increased willingness to take risksc

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