Feet Speak: Suzuki & Viewpoints Methods of Actor Training (Oct 2018)

5-session - A deep dive into actor training for text with Public Showcase

Upcoming Class Schedule

2 October, 2018 — 6 October, 2018

Tuesday, 7.00pm — 11.00pm

Wednesday, 7.00pm — 11.00pm

Thursday, 7.00pm — 11.00pm

Friday, 7.00pm — 11.00pm

Saturday, 1.00pm — 10.30pm

Programme Details

Tue, 2 Oct, 7.00pm – 11.00pm
Wed, 3 Oct, 7.00pm – 11.00pm
Thu, 4 Oct, 7.00pm – 11.00pm
Fri, 5 Oct, 7.00pm – 11.00pm

Show Dates
Sat, 6 Oct, 1.00 – 5.00pm
(Technical run)
Sat, 6 Oct, 8.00pm – Public Showcase with special programme ‘Whiplash’ – 8pm

Who is this workshop for?
Everyone. We welcome both actors and non-actors with an interest in the arts.
This workshop is open to anyone from all backgrounds.
Minimum age for admission is 16 and above. No audition required.


What is this workshop about?

Breath – an awareness of breath is vital for all text delivery. The Suzuki Method of Actor Training is a dynamic, ground-based approach to text delivery similar to a martial art. Using this method, participants will be trained to heighten their awareness of Breath and group Breathing.

Flow – The tipping point for devising and creativity, the flow state is what Viewpoints Devised Method is born from. Useful for ensemble work, devising exciting theatre and on-the-spot problem solving.
The Living Text – As actors there is a concentration on, well, “acting”. The Suzuki and Viewpoints methods cross paths to provide a genuine lived experience that is embodied within text delivery and overall performance. Different from Method acting, these techniques open a physical intuition in the body to speak and perform from.
Follow Your Bliss – Devising and creating dynamic moments means a heightened body listening experience. As performers we perceive a “right and wrong” way to do things. But what is your bliss? Your joy? Your sense of accomplishment? If you live your life as a performer, at what point do you simply exist on stage? And what do you choose to do with that time? “Follow Your Bliss” is our final piece of syllabus after establishing a grounded, professional foundation. Once we begin to follow our bliss from a trained essence, we become masters of our stage, with integrity and honesty in each moment.


Suzuki Training
Suzuki training is a hyper physical tool for body and breath awareness, speech work and control.

Viewpoints is a tool for dialogue between artists to easily develop “wow” moments in performance. It is also one of the best tools for developing rapport between artists, ensemble awareness and states of creativity.

The 9 Viewpoints cover the following physical language:

  • Kinesthetic response
  • Topography/floor pattern
  • Shape
  • Gesture
  • Repetition
  • Architecture
  • Tempo
  • Duration
  • Spatial relationship

Show Dates
Sat, 6 Oct, 1.00 – 5.00pm (Technical run)
Sat, 6 Oct, 8.00pm – Public Showcase with special programme ‘Whiplash’ – 8pm

Do I get a discount?
Please refer to our early bird promotions.

Payment Plans
Payment Plans are available.
Email us at admin@hcac.sg.


  • Breath
  • Flow
  • The Living Text
  • Follow Your Bliss

About the Instructor

Scott Wings

Scott Wings is an award winning performance artist from Brisbane, Australia, who has toured his one-man shows across the world including Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Adelaide Fringe Festival. His performance style is grounded in the physical theatre training of Suzuki and Viewpoints methods, fusing movement and writing techniques to create one-man shows and ensemble performances. He has trained in Japan with the longest running Butoh organization Dairakudakan (Camel Battleship), New York with SITI Company and in Australia with Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre. Scott Wings works with text and creative writing as an award winning spoken word artist and comedian. This mix of styles has resulted in Scott Wings’ reputation as an innovative independent performance artist.

Areas of Focus

  • Suzuki footwork
  • Speech and text delivery
  • The 9 Viewpoints

Learning Outcomes

  • Devising WOW moments on stage
  • Utilizing text in dynamic expression
  • Presenting joyful, energetic performance
  • A vocabulary for art making using the Viewpoints and Suzuki techniques to allow future collaborations to be efficient and precise

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Feet Speak: Suzuki & Viewpoints Methods of Actor Training (Oct 2018) / 5-session - A deep dive into actor training for text with Public Showcase

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28 September 2018