Acting 101

One-Day Workshop

Upcoming Class Schedule

12 November, 2017

Sunday, 10.00am — 6.00pm

Programme Details

Who is this workshop for?
Everyone. We welcome both actors and non-actors with an interest in the performing arts.
This workshop is open to anyone from all backgrounds.
Minimum age for admission is 16 and above.


About this workshop
“Acting is behaving truthfully under imaginary circumstances.”
– Sanford Meisner –

Method acting benefits everyone. Whether you are an actor, non-actor, corporate warrior, or homebody, we believe that everyone is born with a talent, ability or skill. Your story shapes your talent, whatever it may be. Method Acting enables you to develop and access your unique qualities so that your distinctiveness comes through in a compelling, authentic way.

Our Acting 101 one-day session is an introduction into the Method Acting training techniques that can enable you to access your creative instincts and build confidence in the way you communicate.

This short intensive is highly interactive and practical with some of the techniques in the syllabus tailored to the specific needs to those in the class. You will gain an understanding of the basics of acting preparation and performance in a safe and non-judgmental environment amongst likeminded people.

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  • Exercises for greater focus and creativity
  • Digestible lectures on Method Acting theory
  • Character and short scene work
  • Personal reflection through written work

About the Instructor

Kamil Haque

Kamil Haque is the founder and Artistic Director of Haque Centre of Acting & Creativity. After 8 years working & coaching in LA Kamil returned to Singapore in 2013 to establish HCAC. He graduated top of his class from the American Musical & Dramatic Academy with a BA(Hons) in Acting. He is also the first and only Asian to be given the privilege to train and then coach at the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute. Kamil has also been a working observer at the world-renowned The Actor’s Studio, Head Acting Instructor at East West Players and Global Internship Director at the Company of Angels. To date, Kamil has coached over 1000 students, many of which have appeared on stage as well as in film, television shows & national commercials around the world. Please also see this link.

Areas of Focus

  • Introduction to Method Acting theory covering focus, observation, preparation, specificity and will
  • Communication of a character through the voice, the body and the 5 senses
  • Understanding of the difference between self-awareness and self-consciousness
  • Engaging an audience

Learning Outcomes

  • Discovering or reawakening your unique talent
  • Confidence in your authentic self and voice
  • Sensory awareness and understanding of how to harness your senses for creativity
  • Inspiring you to continue on your creative journey

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