And then my soul made the shape of a drum

16 December, 2017 — 17 December, 2017

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A work of movement and poetry. Lines written with body and soul. You will be shifted; down a page, across a stage. Come. Listen with your heart and mind.

This performance is a showcase from students of the Body Poetry workshop. The Body Poetry workshop is an 8-week programme exploring the intersection of poetry and movement. Body Poetry (or movement poetry) places poetry and metaphor into the physical body. The poem is performed free from the concrete nature of text.

Presented By: Method Productions

Director: Deborah Emmanuel

Michelle Lim
Juliana Tan
Vathani Yogeswaran
Nicole Daswani
Dawn Lau
Xiu’Er Chuang
Yann Leost
Weeteng Soh

Show Dates/Times:
Sat 16 Dec, 8pm
Sun 17 Dec, 3pm

Price: $10.00

And then my soul – Sat 16 Dec 8pm


And then my soul – Sun 17 Dec 3pm

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