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  • HCAC Spotlight: Kris Mavericko

    • 20 November, 2016

    HCAC Spotlight is a monthly feature on the people from HCAC’s community. This month, let’s get to know more about actor, Kris Mavericko and his experience with HCAC. 1. Hi…
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  • Interview: Gabriele Goh on White Bird

    • 17 July, 2016

    What is a calling? How does one know for sure that they have been called to fulfill a particular destiny? Recent NUS Theatre graduate Gabriele Goh performs his semi-autobiographical work, White…
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  • Interview with Danial Farhan

    • 12 July, 2016

    On to the hard questions. In this part of Danial Farhan’s interview, we find out more about him and his experience with ‘Conundrum’, a one-man show he performed in November…
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  • 10 Questions with Danial Farhan

    • 9 July, 2016

    You might have seen today’s interviewee around HCAC. And you might have caught his one-man show, ‘Conundrum’, back in November 2015 at HCAC. Here’s Danial Farhan, answering 10 questions originally…
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