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  • HCAC Spotlight: Shrey Bhargava

    • 29 March, 2017

    HCAC is a place where actors at every level and all ages go to free their talent. For Shrey Bhargava, it was discovering Lee Strasberg’s Method Acting that further paved…
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  • HCAC Spotlight: Ranice Tay

    • 14 March, 2017

    If you visit HCAC often enough, chances are, you’ve already bumped into Ranice Tay! Ranice plays an integral part of the HCAC family, from acting in shows such as Creation of…
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  • HCAC Spotlight: Marlon Dance-Hooi

    • 28 February, 2017

    Meet actor, voice artist, presenter, host, singer & writer…. Marlon Dance-Hooi in this month’s HCAC Spotlight! Marlon has been acting since the age of five with first role taking the…
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  • HCAC Spotlight: Michael Lee

    • 2 February, 2017

    HCAC is home to a community of people, young and old, all together working on the goal of freeing their talent. It’s about time we shine a light on one of…
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  • HCAC Spotlight: Tanvi Kothary

    • 12 January, 2017

    “…when people ask me what I do for a living, I sometimes say I live for a living!” In this month’s HCAC Spotlight, meet… Tanvi Kothary. Tanvi has been a…
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  • HCAC Spotlight: Darrell Chan

    • 15 December, 2016

    Darrell Chan is stepping out into the acting world of Singapore and HCAC got the chance to interview her for this month’s HCAC Spotlight! Darrell Chan in Act of Disappearance.…
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