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  • David Glass Ensemble Learning at HCAC

    • 29 July, 2017

    The first time I met David Glass was at HCAC, two years ago. Throughout that first evening, I noticed how closely he watched the stories we told through our bodies…
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  • CONFLICT: Part 1

    • 17 July, 2017

    All drama is about conflict. It drives the plot; it gives the characters something to work for and it entertains the audience. And most of the time, the conflicts in…
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  • The 411: Viewpoints

    • 11 July, 2017

    Last week, we gave run-down on Suzuki, a method of actor’s training from Japan. This week, in-lieu of the upcoming Devised Theatre: Suzuki & Viewpoints Masterclass, we will be giving…
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  • The 411: Suzuki

    • 5 July, 2017

    The Suzuki Method of Acting is an intense physical method of actor’s training, which originated from Toga Japan by Japanese director, Tadashi Suzuki.The Suzuki method was developed in order to…
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  • The Feather or the Hammer? by Chris Jacobs

    • 4 May, 2017

    We have lived the age of the Sledgehammer! We have become bloated to the point of torpidity on the visual extravagance of extreme violence and cupidity served up by the…
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  • Is Scriptwriting Dead to Devised Theatre?

    • 4 April, 2017

    Scriptwriting can be said to be the antithesis of devised theatre. While scriptwriting places a writer as the chief storyteller, devised theatre aims to create collaborative works that are built…
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